Hi! you've reached my blog, woot! that means you get a gold star! that is if i had one to give. haha! Someday, ima catch them all! ...or not. Unfortunately for pokemon, there are way too many out there for me to catch them all. Especially since i only own the Platinum and Heartgold versions. 
In My expierence with these games, well, I've beaten Platinum, and im working on Heartgold, I've discovered that there is just so much you can do, that the game play just never ends. I've come to love pokemon a lot, and even would like to play them all! 
My favorite part is battling to my heart's content! there's always a battle somewhere. i like how in heartgold you have that phonecall thing and you get to battle people over again when requested! You couldn't do that in Platinum. I also like the wi-fi section of the game, battling people from across the globe is amazing! I fought my first battle over wi-fi  with a guy named Reggie. He seems pretty nice. Although, takes forever to reply back to me. Oh well, he's a cool friend so ill give him that.
Whew, almost made this too long! Ja, Thanks for reading.


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